Manage Students Attendance records in Real Time .

Automatically generates the Absenteeism list along with the Percentage of Attendance of each student .

Links the Attendance with the Progress Report of each student .

Generates the Complete Attendance Summary of each student for Parents and Teachers .

Send Auto alerts via emails or sms to Parents , Teachers or Principal for the Safe Presence of the Students within the premises.

Helps the Administration in managing huge records of Students and staff without any problem and the Automated data generated can be used in other areas .

RFID based Automated Attendance and Monitoring System tracks employees’ or student’s in/out record accurately and automatically - thus generating a wide range of benefits as follows:

  •  Better planning and management of human resources including Staff/ employees and Students .
  •  Minimize payroll or attendance errors .
  •  Reduces cost of manual system .
  •  Provide efficiency in payroll and attendance processing time.
  •  Avoid disputes.
  •  Streamlines sign in or out process for staff .
  •  Tracks individual Student’s movement and attendance pattern .