Aashvi Innovations Pvt Ltd with registered office in Kolkata and HO in Sakchi, Jamshedpur. We believe technology can be a powerful enabler for Educational Institutes to cope up with the ever changing demands .

We believe in not just selling a piece of technology but provide the complete service n solution and deliver an over all experience of satisfaction by helping Educational Institutes build a robust infrastructure with the help of latest technologies.

We also have a team of advisors and experienced professionals in the same line who have an in depth knowledge of Education System and the fast changing trends in pattern , technologies and approach in managing the system .

After a lot of deliberation and analysis we have devised and formulated a Unique Set of Service Offerings for enabling better Management of Education System covering almost every domain possible .

We have the expertise in developing , implementing and servicing the complete end to end automated solution for the Educational Institutes and customize our offerings to suite all sizes of Institutes and as per their specific requirement .

Some of the Service Offerings that we give are :

  •  Automation Solutions to manage the Complete Student Cycle from the Pre Admission to the Exit of the Student .
  •  Fully computerized Library Management system.
  •  Centralized Reporting System for the Institute’s Administration and Management .
  •  Complete Accounts and Finance of the Educational Institutes and integrate it with Tally or any other Accounting System .
  •  Seamless Communication System between Students, Teachers and Parents using Auto Emailing and SMS facilities.
  •  Staff Management including the attendance , EPF ,leave etc.
  •  Biometric , RFID System for Staff , Teachers and Students .
  •  Surveillance System.
  •  SMART Classes – Latest Technological change and up gradation in the Educational Institutes .
  •  Website Hosting and managing .
  •  Marketing Activities including Print Media (brochures, leaflets etc).
  •  Banking work support .
  •  Any other specific service as required by the Institutes.

      "We aim 100% Customer Satisfaction"


Aashvi Innovations Pvt Ltd was formed with the idea of focusing and working on a mission to help Educational Institutes to transform the way they operate and manage their institutes.